March 13, 2019 3 min read

Ever worn a lace front wig before? Well, if you do not take the time to learn how to apply a lace front wig properly, many mistakes will happen. Take the time to learn about the common mistakes women have made. This will ensure you have the best experience with your lace front wig. You will also learn proper techniques to extend the life of your lace wig. Lace Front Wigs are perfect for women with or without hair. A lace wig is an excellent option when you want to enhance your own beautiful looks. Lace wigs are worn in addition to normal hair creating a flawless hairstyle. Does not matter if this your first lace front wig or another addition to the collection. It will always benefit you to know the common mistakes to avoid when wearing your lace wig.

Proper Lace Front Wig Care Techniques

Most women that have never worn a lace front wig typically do not wear their wigs properly. No need to worry though. The hairstylist at Missy Hair Boutique has the steps to help keep your lace front wig on point.

Wrap Up Your Natural Hair

Before wearing your lace front wig, wrap up your own hair up close to the scalp. This way, the lace and the wig will not be noticeable.

Cut The Lace Front

About 1 1/2 -2 inches from the hairline, cut your lace front. But not too close to the hairline. If the hair is cut off incorrectly, the lace wig hair will become dry and brittle. If you are unsure on how to properly cut your lace front wig, DO NOT attempt to cut it yourself. Please, easily take your lace wig to a professional hairstylist.

Use The Proper Wig Glue

Leave-In Conditioner
A lot of first-time lace wig users apply the wrong glue. Always use the proper wig glue like a Waterproof Relentless Bond. Proper wig glue will take up to 15 minutes to adhere completely.

Wig Density Matters

Wig Density can be an issue at times. Especially for those who are unsure as to what wig density is. Wig Density refers to how thick the hair on your lace front wig is. The average human head of hair is considered to have a density between 100%- 120%.

Wig Density Chart  

  • 50% - Extra Light Density
  • 80% - Light Density
  • 100% - Light To Medium Density
  • 130% - Medium Density
  • 150% - Medium To Heavy Density
  • 180% - Heavy Density

The Wig Cap Color Matters

Always ensure the nylon mesh cap matches the lace front wig cap. This way, no will able to notice whether or not you are wearing a wig.

Lace Front Styling

Lace Front Wig styling should be left to the professionals. Avoid even the smallest of damages to your lace front wig. Take to your wig a trusted hairstylist.

Proper Lace Front Care

Lace Front Wig
Always remember to store your lace wig properly. Use a headstand to prop up your lace wigs. Remember to wash your lace wig after every 6-8 wears. At Missy Hair Boutique, we only use the best strands of hair for our lace wigs. Using only 100% Remy Virgin Hair that leaves you looking flawlessly beautiful. For the best lace front wigs, contact Missy Hair Boutique at (470) 359-7178.