February 06, 2019 2 min read

One of the biggest advantages that hair extensions provides is the ability to transform your hairstyle in seconds. The flexibility of the Remy Hair Extensions by Missy Hair Boutique can add length, texture, as well as color. You have the freedom to change your hairstyle to complement your mood or style anytime you want. Next time you want to change your look, check out our creative ways to use our Remy Hair Extensions.

Add More Volume

When you are looking to add more body to your hair, hair extensions are the perfect solution. The key to creating that glamorous full-body looking hair is by using quality extensions made from real human hair. Achieve even higher volume with techniques that boost your hair's volume such as a blowout.

Add Color

Extensions allow you to experiment with hair colors. No longer worry about damaging your hair by coloring it. Our different hair extensions let you experiment with various colors you have always wanted to try out. Our Remy Hair Extensions come in a variety of colors. Some that are too difficult to achieve using dyes.

Frame Your Face

With Missy Hair Boutique, our hair extensions let you create various face framing looks. This includes creating bangs or wearing hair clipped towards the front. The way your hair is shaped around your face is the most important part of any look. With hair extensions, you get to change this part of your hairstyle as much as you want.


Hair extensions are not always about adding length. You can get as creative as you want. Go from a sassy and cute short hair look to a cascading full body wig overnight. At Missy Hair Boutique, we provide virgin hair bundles for the best prices. All of our extensions are 100% human hair. We never use acrylic faux hair or silicone coating. This means you can wash the extensions without worrying they will fall apart. We recommend washing your hair extensions at least once a week with our Hair Care Products. Especially use the shampoo and conditioner. At Missy Hair Boutique, our Remy Hair Extensions are handcrafted by expert craftsmen. We use only the best strands of human hair. Our hair extensions make your hair look natural and versatile. Take the next step towards creating the flawless look you have always wanted by contacting us at (470) 359-7178. From Fort Lauderdale FL to Atlanta GA, we provide the highest quality Remy virgin human hair.