360 Lace Units Custom CURLY hairline


NEW custom hairline 360 LACE UNITs

At Missy Hair Boutique, our Gluelesss 360 Lace units are made with 100% Human Hair. We provide the highest quality  Human Hair on the market GUARANTEED!!. Our 360 Lace units usually ships within 3-5  business days IF the item is in stock. If you need the lace front immediately, please call prior to confirm that the item is in stock.

Our 360 Glueless Lace Units has transparent lace and small knots around the perimeter.  Our 360 Lace Units come with:

    • Combs

    • Adjustable Straps

    • Custom Band For Extra Support

    • 360 Lace around the entire perimeter

This allows you to wear your 360 lace unit in a high ponytail with or without adhesives. All of our units come with the most Natural Hairline with baby hairs around the perimeter. Our high-quality strands are donated form young teenager donors only. With proper care, our lace units will last 3 years or longer.


 Some Custom Orders can take up to 5-7 business days to be shipped.


Please Note: please make your hair appointment after receiving your package. Due to unexpected delays, we do not compensate for miss appointments. Please schedule your appointment wisely. Thank you