How do I Maintain my Luxury Collection

We guarantee at least a 1 year lifetime with every Luxury piece, HOWEVER, the way one cares for their Luxury strands will ultimately determine its longevity. Less is ALWAYS Best!

Recommended Daily maintenance includes Hydrating with MM LUXE Hydrating Mist, Moisturizing with MM LUXE Moisturizing Oil, and detangling, just as with the hair that naturally grows from the scalp. Please understand that more textured/curlier selections require more maintenance. Lifestyle, Activities, and Styling preferences will also determine basic care needs. One who leads a very active lifestyle, or uses excessive products will require more maintenance (shampooing/deep conditioning/detangling) than the norm.


All pieces of our Luxury Collection are carefully crafted with the Highest Quality Human Hair, which allows one to Swim and Exercise without fret.

Once your swim is complete, hair should be shampooed AND conditioned immediately carefully detangling from end to root to optimize manageability! Blow-dry/ hood dry or air dry for texts as preferred. Plaiting or twisting hair is recommended for air dry of more textured/curly hair textures. For extra precaution, one may wear a swim cap made of latex.


Be sure hair is completely dry and properly wrapped before bed, and Sleep in PEACE!

MM LUXE Satin Wraps and Bonnets are recommended for proper sleepwear. More textured/curlier hair selections should be plaited or twisted prior to wrapping for best practices.


Wefts should remains completely intact. Cutting or Sewing through the weft May cause shedding.


Bleaching and lightning the hair will change the texture of the hair and in some cases damage the hair if not done We recommend consulting with a professional for all styling services that may chemically change or alter the original state of the hair. It is important to understand that once any piece of our Luxury Collection has undergone a chemical process of any sort , OR , the state of the hair is altered from its original state, return/exchange polices will not be honored.

Favorable “Wet and Wavy” styles may be a achieved by applying MM Hydrating Mist and Curl Defining Jelly to our curlier textured look

For a “WET” look, we suggest a leave-in conditioner & water