New Transparent Full Jumbo Braid Units 613


    1. New Luxury Jumbo Box Braid Units are hand made by professional braid stylist using our high quality full lace units.
      Our Luxury Lace Braid units are made with our Durable high quality Swiss lace that can with stand our full density Braids.                    
    2. Our Luxury Lace Braid Units  comes with a pre-pluck hairline & bleached knots to a safe level. All of our Luxury Lace Braids Units  are light weight and breathable.                              
    3. Luxury Lace Braid units are convenient and can be worn with or without adhesive. Luxury Lace Braid units caps are not recommended for XL cap size. Our Luxury Lace Locs can last up to 2 years or longer with proper care.