4X4 1B/613 Lace Closure UNITS


NEW ¬†ūüíę 4X4¬†1B/613¬† Lace Closure UNITS

New 1B/613 Transparent  Lace Closure wigs are made with 100% Human Hair. We provide the highest quality unprocessed Human Hair on the market for our lace front wigs. Our Lace units usually ships within 1-3 business days IF the item is in stock. If you needed expeditiously, please call prior to confirm that the item is in stock. 954/533/5737 OR 727/223/4906.

                    Our 4X4 can be worn with or without adhesive and  Units come with:
    • ¬†4X4 Parting Space¬†
    • 180 Density

 All of our units come with the most Natural Hairline THAT WILL ALLOW YOU TO WEAR THE UNIT WITH  baby HAIRS OR NATURAL. Our high-quality strands are donated form young teenager donors only. With proper care, our lace units will last 3 years or longer.

 Some Custom Orders can take up to 3-5  business days to be shipped.

Please Note: Please sure to make your hair appointment after receiving your package. Due to unexpected delays, we do not compensate for miss appointments. Please schedule your appointment wisely. Thank you