TruMatch Lace Conceal™️ Lace Tint

Tan 4oz
Bronze 4oz
Dark 4oz
Deep Dark 4oz

New & Improved
-Deeper Pigment Mess-Free Better Packaging
TruMatch Lace Conceal™️ Lace Tint
Uniquely formulated to precisely shade-match lace for skin tones Fair to Deep.
: Spray TruMatch Lace Conceal Lace Tint directly to Even Conceal Brush 2.0, then apply unto desired areas of lace unit, blow dry or allow to air dry NO NEED TO RINSE.

All shades are buildable, meaning you can add more layers to darken the hue. (I.e. 1 light coat/layer of product for lighter hue , 2+ generous coats/layers for darker hue)
TIP for best results
: After bleaching knots and drying lace, Spray TruMatch Lace Conceal™️ on to Even Conceal Brush 2.0, brush on desired lace area to ensure most even and complete coverage. This method is also best when concealing lace on lighter colored hair.

Tan shade is best for fair to medium brown skin tones
Bronze shade is best for light brown to moderate brown skin tones
Dark shade is best for dark brown skin tones
Deep Dark
Deep Dark shade is best for Dark brown to Darker skin tones
: Wear gloves and Keep out of reach of children. Avoid spraying directly to skin.